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Not exactly Magic,
but always part of my Show.

  • Personal and professional consultation
  • Individual ideas, suggestions and requests welcome
  • Reliable and punctual business partner
  • Fair fees and contracts
  • Highly professional equipment and props
  • The shows are also available in English

On Stage:

The world’s finest magic paired with charming comedic delivery – on stage, Marion Metternich delivers first-class entertainment. Like no other, she’s able to excite fascination among her guests to create a mutual, magical connection between herself and the audience – who experience miracles firsthand while dreams come to life and conventional logic makes an exit. It’s all about participation! Objects become invisible before the eyes of all, while the looks of amazement and laugh lines arise all around. Experience Marion Metternich live – book the master magician for a performance on a public stage or as an exclusive highlight for your next event.

Up Close – Close up:

Marion Metternich is more than a magician and shows us that’s there’s more to life than just the visible. In the midst of her audiences, she serves up impressive magic directly in front of everyone’s eyes and, in some cases, into their hands! This intense and very personal style of entertainment adds a lighter note to every celebration and makes it into an event to remember. Her performances always leave audiences happily amazed and with much to talk about!

Attention, please! (Workshop for Igniters of Enthusiasm)

Marion Metternich offers exclusive insights into the world of magic – from two-hour workshops to two-day seminars, everything is possible. As a participant in her events, she opens the secret door to impressive magic tricks and demonstrates hand positions and props you can use to create small miracles and lots of enthusiasm among your friends and audiences!

Who is the workshop for?
The workshop is intended for a select audience; for those who are ready to try something new and aren’t satisfied with simply consuming, but who also want to try it for themselves. It will be held on Mallorca over a period of three nights/four days. A magic show will be held on the island for guests on the second night.

What does the workshop offer me?
In terms of content, the workshop focuses on the methodology of the magical arts, as well as intentional diversion of attention and body language. This isn’t simply learning magic tricks, but rather participants are given the tools they need to take their skills to the next level: concentration, background, psychology, history and most of all – enthusiasm! Enthusiasm is the key to progress in life; it is at once the drive and path for achieving goals. Only those who are enthusiastic about themselves and what they do can spark this feeling in others.

Each participant will learn skills, experience magic firsthand, and take home a wealth of experience. At the end of the four days, the magician apprentices will have a few tricks up their sleeve and be able to do one thing above all: spark enthusiasm! You’ll see that sometimes only a small magic trick is all that’s needed for the spark to grow into a flame.

If you would like to participate in the Workshop for Igniters of Enthusiasm and want to experience several days filled with inspiration in a beautiful Mediterranean atmosphere with other interested individuals, please send an email to: xxx. We will be pleased to send you more information.

Together, for oneself, in the name of magic! We look forward to meeting you!

With warm regards,
Your Marion Metternich Team


Once upon a time, even Marion Metternich “functioned” in the world more than living her life – she slogged away, working as a civil servant while suppressing her passion. That is, until a twist of fate gave her an opportunity to wake up and break out into something new. From then on, Marion pursued her hobby, magic – with the goal of becoming a full-time magician! Today, she has succeeded, although the path to get here was long and hard… So who better to show us what’s keeping us from achieving our goals in this current time than Marion Metternich. And she does this not with an accusatory, wagging finger, but rather with empathy, in an entertaining and rousing style. During her entertaining presentation, you’ll discover how to keep your goals in sight and achieve them as well. Experience Marion in action! This presentation could be the first step toward living a more fulfilled life – a life entirely according to YOUR dreams: independent, passionate, free.


Marion Metternich
Buchenweg 6
76571 Gaggenau

M: +49 175 59 67 182